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Adapt your web to mobile devices

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By this article we want to talk to you about the importance of having a responsive website for your business. Mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.) have a growing presence in the technology scene and more and more people use these devices to surf the Internet normally. To shopping online, access to social networks, check email or search all kinds of information on mobile devices has slowly become frequent actions.

Google is aware that a responsive website will offer a better experience for those internet users who use mobile devices to browse, rewarding responsive webs among the search results.

The maximum expression of this criterion is the warnings to the user, thought to let her or him know that a particular website is not adapted to mobile devices. Thus, if your website is not responsive will still appear in Google but a text will indicate that the web is not adapted to mobile devices. The user can choose to access the page anyway, or learn about the issue.

In short, having a responsive web has positive implications whether you want to offer a better experience and in terms of SEO as well.

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