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Today, QR Codes can be seen on flyers, posters, magazines, and so on. You can easily spot these two-dimensional barcodes around you. QR Codes let you interact with the world using your smartphone.

Specifically, a QR Code extends the data at disposal on any physical object and create a digital extent to marketing operations. This technology enables and speeds up the use of mobile web services: it is a very creative digital tool.

Tipos de Códigos QR

Interactive actions

When you scan a QR Code using your smartphone, you get an immediate access to its content.

The QR Code reader can then carry an action, like opening your web browser to a specific URL.

Other actions can be triggered, like storing a business card in your smartphone's contact list or connecting to a wireless network.

What are the different types of QR Codes?

QR Codes can trigger various actions on the smartphone where they are read. Directing a user to a website isn't the only possible action and some of them are worth knowing (such as saving a business card or connecting to wireless networks).


By scanning this type of QR Codes, users will be directed to a webpage and will discover the content available. This is the most common QR Code type.

Business card

With these business card QR Codes, a contact card with the details you entered will be automatically stored into the contact list of the smartphone. You can enter your names, address, phone number, email and so on.

Send an Email, SMS or WhatsApp

Save the content and the recipient's phone number of an SMS. After scanning, you will only have to confirm before sending it.


When creating these QR Codes, you enter the latitude and longitude coordinates of a location. By scanning them, users will be able to find the location on their favorite geolocation application.

Plain text

This is the simplest QR Code type. A raw text is encoded and will be displayed on the screen after scanning. You can write anything you like.

Digital menus for bars and restaurants with QR codes


The time has come to digitize the menu of your restaurant, bar or cafeteria.
Thanks to technology and the widespread use of mobile phones, you can do without your physical menu and eliminate a contagion vector from your establishment. With digital menus and a QR code, your clients will not need to download any App. All they need to do is scan the QR code printed at the tables, using their mobile phone, and the information from your digital menu will be accessed directly without having to touch anything.

How does it work?
Very easy, you just have to give us the menu of your bar, restaurant, cafeteria ... and we will take care of everything else. We give you single-use cards with a QR code that your client will scan once they sit at the table or bar.

What if I prefer a full web page?
We also offer this service. At CyberIsla.com we are experts in web design, we will look for the best solution for your establishment and we will help you position yourself in search engines and guide you in the digitization of your business.

Personalized QR Codes

Would you like a personalized QR Code? Looking for a specific type of QR Code? Possibly a vCard? Would you like a particular design? Get in touch with us and let us assist you. We specialize in QR Codes and can adapt them to your needs. View some of our projects and if you see something interesting do not hesitate in letting us know.

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